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Proper Tea

Put the kettle on, get the tea cosy ready, and let's have some tea.

May. 23rd, 2007

lots of lovely tea sets.

I saw this amazing tea in a magazine. ill try an buy some, from the tea shop in covent garden, london, and take some photos.
pretty much you drop this thing into your clear teapot/teacup.. and its a flower which flavours the tea, and expands as soon as it gets put into the water..

If i ever see this in a shop, ill buy it up for my goodfriend Chloe. she loves alice stuff.

from this blog:

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feel free to add me
my journal is lots of photos of nice things, nice houses, nice furniture, nice clothes, nice tea sets!!

Harney Website

Has anyone noticed that the Harney Website has changed? I guess so many people insist on tea bags that loose tea is now more difficult to order...meaning that you need to buy a large quantity if you want loose tea and their fabulkous loose tea samples are no longer available. I am most disappointed!


Does anyone have a good recipe for summer tea sorbet? I had heard of one with green tea and basil, but cannot find a recipe. Thanks!

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Help! I have a big event coming up in a month and I need Summertime recipes to feed a crowd! I want vegetarian recipes that are non-messy. I would really like recipes that incorporate tea! I am thinking of ways to add tea to my recipes in place of water, and considering which teas work where (rose tea for sweets, roasted green for savory breads, etc). Does anyone have some good suggestions?

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Tea! For mother's day!

I just received a large tin of Harney & Sons Decaf Darjeeling as one of my Mother's Day gifts! Very happy! It is one of the best decafs I have had, and I have an infant so I have to go decaf for awhile.
Does anyone have any particularly good loose leaf decafs out there? I am always looking for more tea to try.

I got mt mother a tea chest for Mother's day, and my grandmother a teacup and saucer with an African Violet planted in it. My daughter has been following me with her toy teaset ever since I got my tea. This makes 4 generations of tea enthusiasts. :)

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Tea is love!

I have started this community for sharing and discussing tea stories, recipes, brewing tips, etc. I am a fan of loose tea brewed in a teapot and strained into a cup. I don't like to sweeten my tea, but I do have an annual tea party with all the traditional sandwiches, cakes, biscuits and scones. I also enjoy trying teas from arouynd the world and different styles and brands. My current quest is for good decaf, as I have an infant who is still nursing. When caffeine is not a concern, I love Harney & Sons Rose Tea and their Queen Catherine for black teas. The genmaicha and hojicha for green.

What are your tea preferences?


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